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No matter what a person posts for public display, if he or she is in your age range, there is likely to be evidence of that age.Hair loss, graying and perhaps a few extra pounds may be in the mix.For the midlife single gal, this is especially good news since more men are online than women: 52% vs. Not only that, but this is the fastest growing segment of the U. Allow me to diminish your frustrations and calm your fears with these easy and surefire tips.Continue reading to see my 6 online dating tips for singles over 50.Doing it online instead of in the real world can seem even scarier.But thousands of people in their 50s and beyond have ventured into this arena, and you can too.That's the only way you'll know if he's genuininely interested.

Now that dating over 50 is so acceptable, stop waiting around and get out there. Let me help you find love with the right man and avoid the many potential pitfalls along the way.

Life doesn’t end at 50, so why let age get in the way of one of life’s great pleasures – finding someone to relate to and possibly fall in love with? If you’re in the middle of life and find yourself divorced, widowed or tired of being a senior single, there’s no reason you shouldn’t put yourself back in the dating game.

Sure, it can be daunting to start “all that” over again.

I often use the example of ballroom dancing in which there is only one leader and one follower.

This applies to just the initial dating phase, the first 4-8 dates and after that, things tend to balance out once in relationship.

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Encourage men by showing your appreciation for a date with one compliment, saying thank you or letting a guy know you had a great time.