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There is a ton of information out there about this, but to keep things brief, that’s the basic tenet to the theory.

Here is an image where you can see what appears to be a shuttle or rocket on the refrigerator.

There is also argument on the number 42 which appears throughout the film.

Danny wears a shirt with it, Wendy swings the bat 42 times at Jack, and the Nazi Final Solution began in 1942.

Some might dismiss this as an error, but Kubrick was an obsessive film maker (and genius; especially at chess), notorious for repeating shots and takes until the final product was exactly to his liking.

If something shows up in his films, it is meant to be there.

Bob commented and mentioned that during the filming of the incident known as the cult of Jonestown was occurring. This is one of the arguments for The Shining being a film about the Holocaust.

Hello and welcome back to Illuminati; your home for decoding conspiracy theories and symbolism in entertainment!

I originally created this article and video during the infancy of the Illuminati Watcher project.

Even though the cult killed themselves by drinking Flavor Aid, the term ‘drink the Kool Aid’ has been prevalent since. Kubrick himself was Jewish, and married Christiane Harlan, who was the niece of German filmmaker Veit Harlan.

This term means to just take things at face value; as you’re told. Veit Harlan was recruited by Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels as the leading propaganda director.

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The plot line is that the hotel is built on an Indian burial ground, and Kubrick must’ve been trying to emphasize the point.

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