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If an atom of mercury attaches to a normal healthy cell, a hapten is formed and the immune system immediately identifies that cell as “nonself.” The immune system then proceeds to kill the contaminated cell.If mercury attaches to a nerve cell, the result is a neurological disease, such as multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease, seizures or lupus.In a front tooth, if all these tubules were attached end to end, they would reach over three miles.Note that the tubules have adequate space to house many thousands of bacteria (see Figure 5).Is mercury the only dental hazard that can create conditions favorable to autoimmune diseases? There are bacteria in root canals that favor destruction of the nervous system and many other systems, resulting in the creation of autoimmune reactions. In general, only large molecules, infectious agents, or insoluble foreign matter can elicit an immune response in the body. It is called the Major Histo-compatibility Complex (MHC).This is your personal code called “self.” Your body considers other code or alteration of this code to be “non-self.” The immune system is trained to kill and eliminate any “non-self” invaders.

Mercury can attach to almost any cell in the body and create autoimmune diseases in those tissues. Resistance from organized dentistry was the same then as it is today.

This necrotic tissue creates a home for multiple bacterial infections outside the tooth in the periodontal ligament.

With added food supply from this area, the anaerobic bacteria can multiply and their toxins can contribute to the onset of disease (see Figure 8).

Transference of heart disease could be accomplished 100 percent of the time. Considering the difficulty of culturing anaerobic bacteria, it was hard to identify them with 1920s technology.

Some diseases transferred only 88 percent of the time, but the handwriting was on the wall. Price discovered that root canals had within them bacteria capable of producing many diseases. Most of the bacteria reported by organized dentistry at that time were aerobes of unknown significance.

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