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In Britain, the British Library, Cambridge University Library and Trinity College Cambridge have copies of Skaryna’s books.The Belarusian Library in London also has a small fragment of one of the Prague editions.Currently, this copy is on tour to Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy - countries where Skaryna lived - before returning in September 2017 to Minsk for a grand exhibition, ‘Francis Skaryna and his epoch’.The first 17 volumes of the facsimile edition of Skaryna's books (Minsk, 2013- ) donated to the British Library by the National Library of Belarus. ZF.9.a.11377o complete a multi-volume facsimile reproduction of all Skaryna’s books (picture above).

Since then, no more of Skaryna’s works were acquired for Belarus until February 2017 when one of the Belarusian banks announced the purchase of a copy of for its corporate collection.He is also the most important Belarusian writer and translator of the period; an educator, philosopher and theologian, a fascinating entrepreneur and innovator, and an example of passionate patriotism. Between 15/20 he managed to produce more than half of the Old Testament – 23 books.These were translated into the Belarusian version of the Church Slavonic language then widely used in the Orthodox Church.On 6 August, Belarus will celebrate 500 years of printing, and also 500 years of East Slavonic printing.On that day in 1517 Francysk Skaryna (in various traditions his name has also been spelt as Francis Skaryna, Frantsisk Skorina, Franciscus Scorina and more) published the Psalter, one of the books of the Bible.

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Skaryna was born in the oldest Belarusian city, Polatsk.