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Dating an army rangeer

In between (and along with) several of the Bronco IIs were a 1994 Mercury Capri convertable and a 1964 Ford Falcon "Sprint" w/ a swaped in 351 Clevland (2 carbs) and a 4spd. (*edit* forgot to mention the 1966 VW Type II "transporter" Double Cab-that I still own btw. Worst winter car ever owned, but still gets an overall A rating. I don't think many on Old Salt's post have been listed before.1973 Chevy Monte Carlo 5.00 1981 Honda Civic 0.00 1982 Chevy Chevette, swapped a 0.00 Sony D-25 Discman for this POS 1983 Dodge Colt RS 0.00 1979 Chevy Malibu, mom gave me for birthday 1982 Chevy Cavilier, mom gave me this one too 1982 Datsun 210 0.00 1980 Datsun 200sx 5.00 1982 Datsun 310 GX 0.00 1982 Datsun 200sx 75.00 First nice car I have ever owned, she even had a nice female voice that greeted me when the key was in the ignition. He wants the heads, injection and possibly the tranny & brakes for Grandpa's 64 Chevy longbed) '07 Element EX - Tango! That truck was fast, for it's day - it had a 2.6L 4 banger, the best bucket seats ever, 5sp manual, tach, and the engine was super easy to work on (except for the location of the f#%@ing starter, but what car has this in a great location?

1984, '85, 86, 87 (x2), '89, 88, Bronco was the black '86 that went more than 300,000 miles (225,000 by me) and took me cross country on the honeymoon. Interesting to see some common history (including suffering and exhiliration) among EOC members as well as the more unique previous rides. May part it out, and trade the drivetrain to Dad for the Mopar stroker kit & 6-pack. so glad I had to wait- seatbelts on the seatback and 10 more ponies- what's not to love? I've always loved the cars that were a little different: the Minis, the hatchbacks, the YELLOW xterras, the PT Cruisers, the boxy Volvo wagons. The one that stood out was my old 1980 Dodge D50 Sport ( that I owned in the '90s, you just didn't see many of them, especially the ones with the painted sport wheels (I think they came either painted gold like mine, yellow, or red).

The E is the first vehicle I can truly call my own, and I think it'll be a hard one to top in the future. 2) 94 saturn sl1 (this car restored my faith in american made vehicles...the end of the third year, i had 100,000 miles and the only things that had gone awry was a need for a new battery and alternator). [Proof that one can actually edit things here - I came back to remark that this has been going on for nine (9! ] It should ask: What vehicles did you own before finding your way into an E? blew the bellhousing on a bad*$$ be young again. I used to average 27-30 mpg in Seoul, compared to 7-9 with my Jeep, 17 mpg in the Elantra, and a friend with a Taurus averaged 10 mpg...unbelievably horrible traffic, lots of hills, long stop lights, and brutal weather all contributed to the abysmal mileage that most people got.

Just curious to see what people drove before purchasing (or considering ) their beloved Element. *edit*) (There were a few other vehicles that came and went but weren't very interesting so they tend to get forgoten.) I normally buy used. VW Passat -1990 Volvo 740 Turbo Wagon (lots of miles, and suprisingly fast) -1994 Ford Taurus Wagon -1994 Chevy Corsica (cheap and amazingly dependable) -1988 Saab 900 3dr (Wore-out, but served it's purpose) -1996 Dodge Grand Caravan -1997 Buick Lesabre and Finally, the 2005 Element... We've been through several "phases" of life, and the various vehicles all played a part. 1957 pan harley 1980 wideglide 1971 sporty honda dream unknown yr... 1974 austin marina (gigantic british POS, it did teach me how to work on cars) 2. 1979 ford fiesta ghia (a great all around car, and fun to drive and autocross) 5. 1985 nissan extended cab 4 wheel drive (1st asian car, i was stunned at quality) 12. 1983 ford granada (good little car with inline 6, indestructable) 14. 1988 oldsmobile regency 98 (3.8 engine great, tranmission problems) 20. 2001 ford expedition (still own, its huge but great for long road trips) 23. ) 76 Pontiac Sunbird 76 Blazer 77 Cutlass Supreme 78 Trans Am (Smokey & the Bandit craze) 79 Chevy Short Wide P/U 81 Chevy P/U 83 Plymouth Duster (what was I thinking? (Usually had 2 vehicles) -1978 Pontiac Bonneville Coupe, Dark Cherry, 301 CID Pontiac* made it to 140K then dad wrecked it. '97 Toyota Camry going on 200k miles and still my daily driver, what a champ. Hopefully I'll get a descent 70 someting Porsche 914 sometime when I get back down in the lower 48.

Here's my list of vehicle's starting from the age of 16 to 35. There were plenty of times that I owned one particular car (Bronco II for example) for many years, while others came and went during that same time period. I bought the Element new 'cause I plan on having it for at least 10 years...I might buy/sell have another car or two (used) while I hang onto the Element. Most were just cheap transportation, while others were dearly wanted and then dearly missed when they departed.-1973 Plymouth Duster (first car @16) -1969 Plymouth GTX -1974 VW Super Beetle (great car, wish I still had it) -1981 VW Rabbit Diesel -1983 Plymouth Horizon -1979 Plymouth Volare -1985 Toyota Camry (worst car I have ever owned) -1979 Chevrolet Chevette (POS, but better than above) -1986 Nissan P/U (2nd worst car - rust bucket) -1989 Ford F-150 -1992 Ford Explorer -1998 Ford Explorer -1999 Ford Expedition -2003 Ford Explorer -2005 Honda Element EX1978 Datsun B210 in light metallic green 1986 Nissan Pulsar in navy blue 1991 VW Jetta GLI in teal 1993 Saturn SL2 in white 2000 Mazda MPV in metallic blue (current Mom mobile) 2006 Honda Element EX in Rallye Red (current FUN mobile) DH owned a couple of Rabbits before we met. chevy trucks 1979-86-92 1996 vette 2005 toaster :cool: This will be fun trying to remember all the vehicles that have passed thru my hands. 1969 dodge super bee 440 6 pack (scary fast, pull the front wheels off ground, babe magnet) 3. 1977 ford granada ghia (1969 built 302, very fast sleeper) 6. 1983 ford f150 (variable venturi carburator, enough said, not a better idea) 9. 1988 ford thunderbird v8 (great car, good acceleration, 30 MPG highway) 15. 1998 buick regal gs supercharged (great engine and transmission package surrounded by a good looking but yet another poorly and cheaply built gm car) 24. ) 85 Mitsubishi Gallant 89 Ford F-150 91 Chevy Berreta 93 Ford Explorer Sport 99 Silverado 00 Olds 01 Silverado 03 VW Jetta 07 Element SC (which I plan on seeing 100K miles) dang..a list!! -1977 Pontiac Grand Prix, White, 400 CID Pontiac V8*would burn tire like nothing else* sold at 162K! 5 Junker, but drove it 50K -1985 Buick Skylark Sedan, Lt Blue Met.

) 2 '84 rabbits, and an '85 and '86 Golfs (or should that be Golves ?! ) 1979 Subaru Brat 1968 Dodge Coronet (w/ a 440 was black but had a green interior) '79 Plymoth Volare Wagon..."The Looser Cruiser" slant 6, white w/ woodgrain and no radio. I'm exhausted thinking about driving all those cars Good to see this thread back. Hope to build a 327 TPI next year, and possibly add a 6-spd) '84 300ZX Turbo - blue, V6/auto '75 reg cab SWB F150 Ranger 2WD - brown/tan, 390/C6 '04 Mustang GT - gray, 5-spd (wish I had this one back) (bought new) '89 Lincoln Mark VII - gray, 302/aode (hoping to use this drivetrain & suspension to build a Cobra kit car, but may sell it, and use the money to work on the Camino & Belvedere) '02 reg cab SWB Ram SLT 2WD- red, 4.7L/auto '03 Civic EX - black, I4/auto (wife bought new shortly before we met, now my driver) '87 Chevy Conversion van - white, 350/700-R4 (given to us by my father-in-law. 80 Subaru gen 1 Brat 82 Subaru gen 2 Brat 86 Toyota 4Rnnr with soft top 59 Trumph TR3A- what a riot: D 79 Triumph Spitfire- dressed as a 73 with chrome bumpers, LOTS o' mods 88 Subaru XT6 AWD- The Flying Wonder Wedge or Flying Doorstop: D 92 BMW 525 5spd 06 Kia Sportage- first new car/ only auto ever- wanted the e, too pressed for time trying to get out of Baton Rouge 07 Eeeeeee! The first car I bought on my own was a SAAB 93 hatchback. Forgive me (and please link me) if this has been discussed before, but maybe it's time for a new one anyway? Have you always likes to stand out a bit, or is the E your first car that wasn't easy to lose in a parking lot? Our other car is a white Subaru Forester and for me a Trek 4300.

the green meanie ) Several VW GTi (what is the plural of GTi ? 1970 Pontiac Tempest (GTO look alike) w/ a chevy 454. (I had it a month before my Mom lost it in the rain and wiped out a Photomat! Wagon 1971 Ford Van 1974 Vega Wagon 1977 Volvo 240 Late 80's VW GTI 1987 Alfa Spyder 1990 Jeep Cherrokee 1997 Grand Cherrokee 1997 Chevy S-10 2000 Mitsubshi Montereo 2001 VW TDI 2004 Ford Explorer 2006 Element Whew!! Well Let me get started here 1978 Toyota Cressida 1979 Datsun B210 1982 Datsun 310GX 1986 Toyota Camry Diesel 1988 Toyota Pick Up 4X4 (long bed) 1988 Ford Thunderbird 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1992 Saturn SL2 1994 Isusu Pick Up 4X4 1996 Isusu Hombre 4X2 1996 Toyoya Camry 1997 Toyota Corolla 1998 Toyota Corolla 1999 Toyota Tacoma Extended Cab 4X2 2000 Toyota 4Runner 2001 Chrysler Town & Country 2004 Honda Element LX - Current Vehicle 2005 Chrysler Pacifica - Current Vehicle I think thats it? I saw a REALLY sweet Bug vert at cruise-in over the weekend, now I want one... '89 Acclaim LX - black cherry, V6/auto '92 Camaro RS - teal, V6/5-spd (was about to start a 350 conversion when sold) '74 El Camino - tan/tan, 350/TH350 '92 reg cab F150 Flareside 2WD - silver, 302/aode '67 Belvedere II convertible - brown 318/727 (still have, now Go Man Go orange, hope to start working on 402 stroker w/ 6-pack this fall) '96 Grand Prix GTP - white, V6/auto '71 El Camino - gray/black, 350/350 '02 Eclipse GS - I4/5-spd (bought new) '69 New Yorker 4-dr sedan - green, 440/727 '03 reg cab F150 Flareside XLT Sport 2WD - black, 4.6L/auto (bought new) '77 El Camino - brown/tan, 350/200-4R (still have, still tinkering with. explains a lot:twisted: 74 Vega= pos 76 Pinto wagon- cut it into a pickup truck 74 Fiat X1/9 80 Subaru 4wd Hatchback- Ru- great back country ride! My first 3 cars were "Grand-Ma Specials" that I got when they stopped driving or got new old-lady cars. Doesn't look like they've been posted in for while, but these are kinda what you're talking about: t=33658 But, we have the two in my sig, plus an 03 Civic, 87 Chevy van, 89 Lincoln Mark VII (hoping to use it as a donor for Factory Five Mark III kit), and will probably soon acquire: 75 Ranger F100, SWB, 78 F100 short step (these trucks may get rollled into one someday), 84 5th Ave (donor car for the Belvedere, and possibly other projects)... Our second car is a Volvo xcountry that I love, and we're trading in the latest "Grand-Pa Special," a huge heinous Dodge Durango.

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1957 Chevy Bel Aire- totaled the Renault in a blizzard (thankfully). 1955 Ford sedan- Inherited from in-laws as a second car. 1958 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite- Post divorce folly. 1962 Buick Special- First in a series of cars bought from a neighbor. [Proof that one can actually edit things here - I came back to remark that this has been going on for nine (9! ] It should ask: What vehicles did you own before finding your way into an E? unless Honda puts a diesel in the next E.1936 Ford Coupe ! ) 1978 Mustang II King Cobra 19 Torino (bought for the engine) 1972 VW Squareback (2 different ones, a couple of years (and locations) apart) 1992 Mazda Protege (my first NEW car! I think it's the Datsun 510 of it's day) 1997 Toyota T-100 (couldn't afford) 1996 Infiniti I30 (parent's handmedown) 2000 Toyota Tundra (go green, don't own a V8) Present: 1967 Ford Mustang-all original with 289 1997 Toyota Camry 2003 Honda Element59 chevy 60 ford van 67 ford fairlane 70 chevy malibu 69 gran prix 70 gran prix Gremlin 79 honda civic 88 honda civic 92 toyota truck 98 Accord 98 CR-V 01 CR-V 04 Element The absolute best car I have ever owned.