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Dating community in guyana

Their language can be classified together as the Cariban language family, though certain traits of their material culture seem to suggest an association with Colombia.

In Guyana, Carib groups are found in the Essequibo Lake District, in the Pomeroon and North-West Districts, along the Cuyuni, Barama and Barima Rivers and on the Demerara and Mahaicony Rivers.

Being inhabitants of the swampy district, the Waraus are excellent fishermen and boat builders; they are also inventors of the dugout canoe, which was the earliest sea worthy vessel some 5000 years ago.

To them, the palm tree is considered the tree of life, providing them with flour, juice, fruit and branches for thatching and hammock-making.

Because of the rich supply of protein found along the coastal swamps, they moved hundreds of tons of earth with wooden shovels, to build habitation mounds and raised fields for farming, on the hilltops they planted manioc, which they baked into bread on ceramic griddles.

The Arawaks hunted a lot during the rainy season when animals migrated from the lowlands in search of high grounds.

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The Makusi This nation was described as one of the most beautiful ones in Guyana; they were uniquely skilled in the preparation of the deadly ‘curare’ poison.