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Inside the truck, Simpson held a gun to his head and told authorities on his cellular phone that he'd kill himself unless he got to see his mother. And a note he left behind, read to reporters earlier that day by an old college buddy, sounded like nothing so much as a sad farewell (page 20). And it set the stage for a long and difficult odyssey through the California court system, one that may be played for mortal stakes (page 22).

Spectators jammed the overpasses and frontage roads. signs popped up, a grotesque parody of his airport dashes for Hertz. In a scant, handwritten 550 words, Simpson professed love for the dead ex-wife he'd once battered, insisted he hadn't killed her and hinted broadly that he planned to kill himself. Simpson was charged with "double murder, under special circumstances," a legal code phrase that allows prosecutors to ask for the death penalty Simpson was more than another storybook American success, a kid with his legs bowed by rickets who ascended from poverty in a raw San Francisco neighborhood to a legendary football career and a fortune in show business.

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Near the truck a dog stretched lazily, beside a garden as beautiful as a rainbow. It was a peaceful end, a surprisingly peaceful end, to a week that was drenched in trauma, tension and blood. J.'s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, a young waiter-model named Ronald Goldman, were stabbed to death outside her 0,000 town house. The cops, already reeling from the high-profile blunders named Rodney King and the L. Simpson has not appeared.'' The gathered reporters, already in a lather of competitive zeal, gasped.

Almost from the moment their bodies were found less than two hours later, as crumpled and porous as Caesar's, suspicion focused on O. With the help of his star-quality dignity and heavy doses of sedatives, he led his two young children through Nicole's funeral service, holding each by hand, his eyes shielded by sunglasses. Gascon added, ominously, ""And we will find him.'' Keep up with this story and more A few hours later the manhunt played out on millions of television screens -- in equal parts police chase, VIP motorcade and demented victory lap.

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