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Transcript Meta Data (IP addresses, sign-ins, etc.) are also provided and you may also opt to store instant messages.

If you have upgaded to Java 8 please use this applet. Unsupported Class Version Error" this means that you are using the legacy version of java and you should upgrade java.

Default Button Pressed(Default Button at javax.basic. Component.dispatch Event Impl( at Container.dispatch Event Impl( at Event Dispatch Events(Event Dispatch at What dou you think, should I still keep 23 or find myself a dummy port like 5192?

You can also invite people to join your free chat by using a simple link.

We’re excited to announce that Ghostlab 3 is now available!

We’ve been working on it for the past year, and are happy to present you with some features we find to be really useful.

As before, Ghostlab 3 focuses on making your responsive, multi-client development and testing workflow more efficient and fun.


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