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Lava began pouring down Etna’s southern slope, hurtling towards Catania.

Fifty men bravely headed into the face of danger, hoping to divert the lava flow.

He has always had a strong interest in writing, particularly about history, politics, the environment or culture.

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Suddenly, the citizens of nearby Paterno realised the deadly flow had been redirected towards their city.His particular period of interest is modern history and he is keenly interested in the relationship between mainstream and counter cultures.Graph showing changes in species abundance over time from a hydric (water-abundant) habitat, through to a xeric (arid) one and then to a mesic (medium water level) habitat.Still, the city’s citizens didn’t flee, convinced that the city walls would protect them or the lava flow would come to a stop before it reached the city.The reality was that they’d drastically miscalculated.

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The volcano is the result of the meeting of the European and African tectonic plates, stresses of the continents’ collision forcing one under the other and causing a subduction zone. A series of eruptions over the following weeks would see an estimated 20,000 people killed by the volcano.

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