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And I saw this beautiful girl walking ahead of me and she walked into this coffee shop and I kept on going because I wanted to journal, I was sort of in a bad mood.But after about five minutes of walking, it was cold out, it was dark, and I hadn’t found another good coffee shop, so I turned around to go back in where I saw she had entered.

Most cell phone services offer voice-mail as a basic feature; many corporate PBXs include versatile internal voice-messaging services, and *98 Vertical service code subscription is available to most individual and small business land line subscribers.

Here are some powerful stories we heard: some are bold and some are sweet, some are hopeful possibilities and others tearjerking lifelong romances.

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I was in Stockholm for the very first time about a year ago, visiting some friends for Christmas.

And I was walking down the street, in the old city center, it was Christmas day and it got dark there very early.

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He had seen me before, and recognized my car and stopped it, got my license and wrote down my name, took down my license number. But the thing about Alexis that I love the most is that she believes in me, she comforts me, she encourages me, even though I’ve made mistakes, she still wants to be with me and she trusts me and she loves me.

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