Questions to ask yourself before dating

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If met with flip flapping – I appreciate that you can’t give a definitive date, but in our last conversation about this you said… If you’ve been together a while and you’re not in the plans or they’re plans that are out of sync with how you see the relationship, this should ring alarm bells and be an opening to more questions and clarification. Well if you’re unhappy or they’re busting your boundaries and you can’t like, love, respect, or trust yourself with them, it’s safe to say that you don’t share them, but ask questions about your boundaries.

2) Filling in gaps in knowledge where there are question marks in your relationship. [Generally, you can tell this through their actions and your reactions.

Do you understand that if I take you back, I’m expecting the […] [….] and […] that you promised me? There is nothing wrong with asking: What do you see a committed relationship involving? If they say no: The answer in itself should be enough, but most won’t want to leave it there.

You asked me if you could borrow £X because you had […] problem and you told me you would pay me back by […] but now it’s […]. ) Not everybody is straight up about this information. Never assume that you both share the same view of a committed relationship. Is he still engaging with an ex in a manner that isn’t conducive to your relationship? You can ask further questions like the whys and hows, but you’ve got the answer – why put yourself through further pain playing chief detective?

No amount of questioning will get that hope confirmed – accept as is and decide if you can exist in the relationship with them.] [Find out about his friendships, colleagues, family, exes – don’t interrogate.

You should find out this information because you witness it or it comes up in conversation, however if it doesn’t – ask.] Do I enjoy my relationship with this person?

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[The answer to this lies in listening to yourself, the answers that they give, and the experiences that you have with them and factoring it all in to the big picture of your relationship.] Why do I want to be in this relationship?

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