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Sdat bad catalog when updating

Among other items, he published Jacob ibn Ḥabib's Ein Ya'akov (1712).

Hebrew printing was resumed there in 1724 by Samson ben Salman Hanau but lack of capital limited his output.

Quite possibly, though, a further cultural layer from an even earlier time lies waiting to be discovered underneath these remains.

The first spa building and the first casino in Homburg were built in 1841–1842 by the brothers François (1806–1877) and Louis Blanc (1806–1852), who later took over the Casino in Monte Carlo, which is why the Homburg Casino is sometimes called the "Mother of Monte Carlo".

In 1860, the town was connected with Frankfurt by a railway line, the Homburger Bahn.

Investigations using methods from natural science (carbon-14 dating and micromorphological analysis) will show whether the dating can be made more precise.

Homberg acquired market rights about 1330, but the document granting these rights is said to have been lost.

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The excavations showed that there was no evidence of settlement between the beginning of the Christian Era and the 13th century.

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