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This is obviously because, to date, there haven’t been any verified reports of a transgender person attacking anyone in a public bathroom. Herman, who conducted a study on trans people and their access to public bathrooms for the UCLA School of Law's Williams Institute, of the trans people surveyed for the study, “about 70 percent of the sample reported experiencing being denied access to restrooms, being harassed while using restrooms and even experiencing some forms of physical assault.” In other words, trans people are the ones at greater risk in public bathrooms.Instead of acting as a necessary piece of legislation, this bill is an unprovoked precaution, an unnecessary safeguard intended to prevent attacks by alleged predators who might pretend to be trans to do bad, perverted stuff, as if a predator can just put on some lipstick and start molesting people left and right.“Teachers turned a blind eye – nothing was ever done about it.” After years of fighting her identity and trying to fit into a society that misunderstood her, she learned to embrace herself and started living as the woman she was born to be. She legally changed gender on her ID book and Dewald officially became Robyn.This empowered her to be true to herself, but she still felt incomplete.And now our trans community, especially our trans youths, are going to pay the price. Dan Patrick said at a recent press conference about SB6, “this is not an LGBT issue, it’s not a transgender issue, it’s about preventing a free pass to sexual predators who are not transgender.” How can anyone say SB6 is not a transgender issue and argue that it’s really about fake trans predators — and then not hear the dissonance that statement?

A school district employee talked about how unfeasible it would be to fund and build bathrooms and changing facilities to accommodate trans students as he asserted that trans kids should just get used to using the bathroom in the nurse’s office if they want privacy.We as a society and as a state need to address how transphobia and how transmisogyny create a culture of violence towards the transgender community, not create and instate policy that further harms our way of life.A 22-year-old transgender woman is asking members of the community to help make her gender affirming surgery a reality.As a trans woman and a survivor of sexual assault, I am insulted at the mere suggestion that my public existence will somehow embolden someone to use my gender identity to attack women and children.Instead of being a response to any actual problem women and children face (like domestic violence, abuse and neglect, loss of healthcare, etc.), this bill creates the illusion of a problem to distract from crucial life-threatening issues, ones that many of these conservative lawmakers have flat out ignored or have used legislation to exacerbate these problems.

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However, more than one panel witness made the claim that creating gender-neutral or transgender-accommodating facilities would be far too costly. That’s who this bill is targeting, intentionally or not. It is about keeping transgender people out of the public eye and forcing us back in the closet, despite the risks we already face living trans publicly.

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