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Updating trance

As far as bashing the rear end of my bike into stuff, it doesn't happen.

Elevate your riding, float over the rough, get light on the bike.

A scrape on a lever or derailleur is to be expected by the buyer, but paint off the frame means I lose money.

My current bike is a 2016 Trance Advanced and I'm awaiting the 2017 Anthem, so Giant's decision affects my wallet.

Do you have quick releases protecting your frame on both sides?

If you're constantly slamming your frame into rocks, you must be replacing derailleurs all the time.

But I still really like being able to quickly, and tool-lessly, take off one or both wheels to either put my bike in the trunk of a car, or to fix a flat quicker.

@mecabeat: I just checked to see if the Anthem has no QR for 2017 (Giant may have thought an xc racer needs one) and found only one photo on bikeradar of an Anthem hanging off a scale showing the non-drive side - not only is there no QR, but in the photo their looks to be paint missing from the chainstay near the dropout. I think it's a minor issue that can be solved with some clear 3m tape.It does climb like an xc bike, and can do almost anything that most people would do on an enduro.you have a valid point that it really is about the rider, I hunk what they mean is that the bike is comfortable doing these [email protected]: every year when I sell my bike I want it looking as nice as possible.I'm not quite smashing my bike around, but I notice my derailleur and qr lever are always scraped.

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Thanks to this conversation I will take preventative action before I throw a leg over it. It was just the idea of depending on a QR lever to function as a bash guard that seemed silly to me.

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